SiHaT & KuaT..


Today, i want improve my english writing coz, i'm the worst among my housemate... all my housemate is good and excellent in english... maklum lah, kite ni org melayu pure.. x berape nak suke BI... Never mind, dont give excuse if u want to make a change... ^^
This post actually will remind us about significant of sports. many of us only like to watch sports rather than do them.. honestly, doing the sport will give us happy moment. from my experience, i can get some medals through the competition that i had join.. these medals will remain until they are gone.. ^^

medal for table tennis

for ur information, i get this medal from my participant in sports day of Alexandria university. luckily i got this medal.. it really tough to beat other players... i won after i got beaten during 1st set... never ever give up give me to enhance my ability to beat him again ... he is realy good player and got some good cheers... the cheers will give player more phsyco condition... player will become nervous and more mistake will lead more point to the opponent ... if you have been in some match, you will face this condition... and i wish good luck to you...

honestly, i never ever dream to be a good athlete... one day, during my matriculation stage...i go to the selection of KAKOM player for table tennis... we do some match there then i cant beat most players there... but, there is a coach that see my talent... and ask me, if i want train with them every evening before the KAKOM held... i said, there is no problem.. and i very happy to hear that... after training with them... i got improve my skill and my ability... there is SUKMA player who training with me. i never beat her even a set.. she already train just like that since she form1, jus around 6years ago...if you had been played with me, i think u can predict her ability... that all ...

at least, spend ur time just about 30 minutes to do some exercise even u r walking up stair of ur home... (jgn duk perap kat bilik je..rumah dah bertingkat2, xde lift pulak tu).. do something to make ur fat in adipose tissues burn vigorously.. burning of fat will give us a lot of amount energy compare other ways... fat oxidation will give 9.3 KCal/g (source: module 2 faculty of medicine)... compare to carbohydrate and protien which serve only 4.1 KCal/g... think yourself.. be matured pls... kamu tu dah besar.. (^^)

other than that, our health will become better... probability to get infection become more lesser compare to a person that not perform sports well... coz, someone said that.. "prevent is better that treat".. if u can think about this statement very well... i can say that, ur brain function very good without any abnormal thinking.. (=_=)


Walker said...

satement kena ubah ni...

"prevention is better than cure"
-statement yg betul..

thnks shaffry, housemate ku..